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Stachybotrys: A Toxic Mold With a Serious History

Proceedings of the International Conference Saratoga Springs, New York, Oct. 6-7, 1994

The information below was taken from Proceedings of the International Conference Saratoga Springs, Chapter: FUNGI AND BACTERIA IN INDOOR AIR ENVIRONMENTS: Health Effects, Detection and Remediation, Editors, Eckardt Johanning, M.D. M.Sc. Chin S. Yang. Ph.D, New York Oct 6-7. 1994

This was the state of mold knowledge in 1994. The “next few years” have come and gone. In that time, toxic mold has gone from completely unknown in North America, even lacking descriptions of mold illness, since teachers in schools, nurses in hospitals, employees in buildings had not been reported to fall ill in large numbers, and it would have been somewhat difficult to overlook this even though doctors have certainly tried as hard as they can to ignore mold illness, this report suggests that although the clinicopathological picture of trichothecene toxicity might not have changed all that much, the prevalence most certainly has!

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