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Exposing Mold was created with one intention – to help people overcome mold injuries. It has evolved to become an incredible source of information for patients, providers, remediators, and litigators alike, all working to understand the nuances of mold injuries.

Our goal is to cut through the noise and uphold the truth behind toxic mold.

How we serve our community

Free Podcast

Our “Best in Class” podcast is packed with life-saving information from top experts in the field of toxic mold.


A private educational forum and support group that delivers research and information on the health effects of toxic mold, exploratory information into the mold hypersensitivity phenomenon, mold avoidance resources, and how to protect oneself from industry charlatans.

Professional Support

There is an aspect to mold illness that goes behind the current medical knowledge of mold being an allergy, toxicological issue, or infection. With over 35 years of research into the hypersensitivity model of mold exposure, it is apparent that there are patients that need a higher level of support than what is currently being offered. We are here to offer that support to clinicians through partnership.

“Best in Class” Podcast

Listener Reviews

Patient Reviews

Corporate sponsorship

Exposing Mold is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation! A donor is eligible for tax benefits such as a reduction of donor’s income tax for each year a contribution is made to our foundation. Thanks to your gift, our foundation will be able to pursue the following:

  • Produce a documentary that will provide evidence of hypersensitivity from mold exposure and keep the original evidence of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome alive
  • Support and maintain the podcast
  • Provide free assistance to our most in need mold injured patients
  • Help us build partnerships with other mold experts to launch much needed research into the various components of mold injury
  • Herbal and acupuncture product research and development for mold symptom easement
  • To pursue our ultimate goal: providing those that have been mold injured, safe housing, health monitoring and rehabilitation, and educational guidance that will help prevent mold illness relapse.

Your donation can help save a life.

Each tier comes with the following special “Thank You” gift:

Interested in sponsoring Exposing Mold and would like further details? Send an inquiry to learn more.

All donations are tax exempt .