Stachybotrys and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Clue Researchers Refuse to Discuss

Even though most people have heard of toxic mold a.k.a. the black mold, the average person is not familiar with the health effects associated with Stachybotrys. Doctors who claim that mold only causes allergic reactions are essentially refusing to lead the way on exposing the inhalation hazards of this trichothecene producing mold.

As a healthcare provider who had been catapulted into a state of dementia after exposing hidden Stachybotrys in my home, I can tell you first hand:

We desperately need doctors and researchers to listen to the experience of sufferers and give this investigation the integrity it deserves.

Stachybotrys is one of the most aggressive toxin producing species of mold growing inside of a water damaged space. You may never know it’s presence because as a dense and heavy mold spore, it’s less common to be picked up in air testing. The detection of even a small amount on a test means trouble.

A Stachybotrys colony can reside inches from another mold colony and if a surface swab test is done, it could be missed by just a couple of inches.

Stachybotrys has been sensationalized as the dreaded “toxic black mold” for good reason. It has radiomimetic effects and many people who have become sensitized by this toxic mold later exhibit extreme sensitivities to electronic frequency fields. We’re not just talking 5G. Think common electric household items like a stove, a cellphone, or a vacuum cleaner.

When it comes to being made sick from toxic mold exposures, industry influenced science seems to have taken notes from the big tobacco campaigns of the 1970s. Concerns about Stachybotrys are minimized, negated, and not honestly explored by many of those posing as caring industry experts.

Trichothecene mycotoxin exposure may be indistinguishable from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). In fact, according to Erik Johnson, who is an original prototype of the medical instrument coined as CFS, Stachybotrys was the clue the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) research team refused to investigate when they created the 1988, Gary Holmes definition of CFS. This definition has been altered through the years, and without new evidence to warrant a changed definition. If you think this sounds like science fraud, it’s because it is.

Manipulative peer-reviewed science articles have been written to frame concerns over toxic mold as “hysteria” and have evolved CFS into simply being tired all of the time. This is damaging to the mold injured population and individuals diagnosed with CFS because it creates confusion and a foundation for mold patients to be cast aside by their treating physicians and loved ones.

Instead of doctors dismissing patients by saying, “mold doesn’t cause illness that way,”

We need doctors with integrity to step up with a sincere curiosity and ask, “Is it possible mold is behaving in a way we haven’t seen before?”

Why do so many people have a mold injury story when mold was traditionally only associated with allergies?

Functional medicine providers, Naturopathic doctors, and health coaches alike have descended upon the mold injured population with their expensive protocols, tests, and supplements.

These individuals that parade themselves as experts are also treating mold injury as if they have the cure, while ignoring that Stachybotrys was the core clue in the creation of CFS, which to this day, is an unsolved syndrome.

Most of these providers show little to no recognition of the major obstacles the mold injured endure, such as thousands of dollars lost to failed remediations, contamination problems, navigating hypersensitivity, and the emotional treachery and ridicule one endures from friends and family.

Fancy symposiums discussing the latest in mast cell activation syndrome and peptide treatments aren’t going to resolve this epidemic. We need this illness entered into the World Health Organization’s International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems database(ICD), we need doctors to step up and admit their epic failure to ever look into the incident that CFS was coined to solve and solve it once and for all, we need more research, we need more compassion and help for the mold-injured, we need better building regulations, and we NEED IT NOW.

That’s why we’re here. Exposing Mold is rolling up their sleeves and getting to work on the needs of the mold injured population.

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Writer: Kealy Severson, Founder & President of Exposing Mold Inc.