The Charged Particle Theory

In 1984, Lake Tahoe was hit with a sweeping mystery illness that shook the nation. Local doctors were puzzled by what they were seeing, eventually forcing them to alert the Center for Disease Control to impart a full investigation. Reactivated Epstein-Barr Virus, Parvo Virus, HHV6 Virus, China Flu, and Cytomegalovirus were some of the viruses that were found in the sickened population. Those that were not found to be ill from the various viruses, were characterized as having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a new syndrome coined by the Holmes Committee essentially used to rule out any possible causes of other disease entities. In addition to this, there were algae blooms, mass die-off of aquatic life, sick buildings, and the wilting and withering of surrounding foliage.

Something was going on. But what?

During this time, Erik and fellow Tahoe residents looked around for all kinds of suspects as to what could have caused the environmental degradation and the mystery illness. It seemed that with an entire region being sick, they had to look for something that was all encompassing. The only major thing that had changed was the cloud seeding program, implemented by the Desert Research Institute and local ski resorts during this time. Cloud seeding is a weather modification tool used to induce precipitation and/or snow fall by dispersing ultra fine particles, in this instance, silver iodide particles, into the air that act to alter the microphysical processes within a cloud.

During that time, nothing was known of silver iodide particles and what their effect on the environment could impose.

So that in effect, was their first suspect. It was the general consensus amongst those that had fallen ill since, through the process of elimination, nothing else major was occurring the in the environment that would have such an overarching impact. The residents took their speculations to the experts and were met with dismissal. Experts ensured that these nanoparticles were safe, stating that they scrubbed everything out of the air. There was concern that pesticide residues from San Joaquin Valley, a nearby agricultural region, would cause these chemicals to rain down on the areas where the cloud seeding was implemented.

For the next two years, people were frightened by what was happening in the environment that the city’s officials discussed the idea of requiring a ticket from tourists to get into the Lake Tahoe basin. Officials were frantic by the environmental upheaval and emergency measures were debated. After two years, it all disappeared and people forgot that it ever happened. Except for Erik Johnson.

Millions of people from around the world, the NIH, the CDC, newscasters, journalists, doctors, scientists, researchers attempted to take a crack at the mystery phenomenon taking place in North Lake Tahoe. What is strange about this occurrence is that the residents called upon environmentalists to assess the surrounding area. However, they were met with dismissal once more. No environmental impact report was ever recorded.

But despite the millions of people that visited Lake Tahoe to thoroughly investigate the matter, no conclusions were made. From there on out, the tragic ecological issue was laid to rest.

Erik, former U.S. Nuclear Missile Launch Specialist was severely injured from the mystery malady and served as the prototype for the illness. With his extensive knowledge, training, and experience with toxic agents such as the black mold [Stachybotrys] found in the sick buildings in Tahoe, Erik formed an interesting hypothesis to what may have led to the sickening of the environment and the population during this time.

The Hypothesis: Nanoparticle Pollution + Naturally Occurring Microbes = Environmental Toxicity

Over the past 30 years, Erik has been contacting every researcher, doctor, expert, and ME/CFS foundation worldwide to discuss his findings, hoping that someone will catch interest into this incident that once shook the nation. Unfortunately, his efforts have been met with silence and stern opposition.


We hope to find out…

Written by: Alicia Swamy, Vice President, Exposing Mold Inc.